The C'ville Sing Out!

Our Mission

The Charlottesville community continues to heal from the events of August 12, 2017. As terrible as those events were, they do not define us.

The people of Charlottesville believe in the beauty of inclusivity, diversity, and equality, and are working passionately to restore harmony in our community through love and good deeds.  We, the organizers of the annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Choir, believe Charlottesville is actually defined by the people who live here.

That is why on August 12th of this year, we are holding a group singing event called “The C’ville Sing Out!”  where everyone in our community is invited to participate in a positive musical celebration of our town to promote love and brotherhood among all races, cultures, & beliefs. We will take back the date August 12 and show the world what our wonderful city is truly all about.

The C’ville Sing Out! will be held at 4:00PM on August 12, 2018 at the IX Art Park. Everyone is invited and welcome to sing and enjoy the harmonies of our hometown intercultural celebration. Based on the interest we’ve already received from numerous local community groups and organizations, we anticipate a turnout numbering in the hundreds.

We ask for your support. There are various ways to help or get involved:

  • Register to join us in song—A nominal registration fee of $5 will be used to help defray the cost of expenses associated with the event such as venue rental, use of a sound system, and security. You can register to sing with us  here at this website, or at one of the upcoming onsite registration events.
  • Make a small donation—This event won’t be extremely expensive, but donations ($10-$30) will make a difference and will be gratefully accepted. Click here to donate.
  • Support us with your name or company logo— An equally valuable donation is the use of your corporate or business logo in the advertising for the event.  Allowing the display of your logo on our website and event program will show your support for our community. Please send your logo to:
  • Spread the word—Let others know about this event by sharing our website with friends, family, employees and customers:

If you have any questions, please email Thank you for your support of The C’ville Sing Out!

In harmony,
The C’ville Sing Out! Organizers,
from the Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Choir


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We Sing Out!

We sing out for harmony.
We sing out for diversity.
We sing out for Charlottesville.
We sing out for us all!